Sunday, 10 December 2017

Weekly Notices, Week 9, Term 4, 2017

Room 16, Weekly Notices, Term 4, Week 9 (11th - 15th December 2017)
Message from Mr Bach:

School magazines are available for $5 at the office.

Schools starts for Term 2018: Wednesday 7th February.

All  books, sports uniforms and gear need to be returned this week.

9.30-10.00 am Wednesday Students visit 2018 classrooms.  Students to promptly go and line up  outside the classroom they will be in for 2018.

Thank you to the Bradley's who supplied lunch last Thursday for the whole class!

You would have received your child's report if they were at school on Friday. 
All the best for next year and well done children! It has been a fantastic year and I have loved getting to know all your children as interesting individuals.


  • Christmas on the Field!
At 11:00am all classes will be singing Christmas carols on the field. Please join us if you have time. Ruma Weta are singing 2nd, concert starts at 11:15am.
  • Principal Morning Tea for those students who have been invited from each class. Room 17 students are: Sophie, Dominic, and...
Well done kids!

  • School prize giving is at 9-10:30 in the hall.


  • Ruma Weta are on the move. All gear has to be moved out of our rooms and the gear from junior classes put in. So we will have our class helping to move part of the day.
  • Junior Athletics Day on the field at 11:00am.


  • School Tryathalon. All students to participate and have a go at swimming, biking and running around the school grounds. All a bit of fun. Students to bring bikes, scooters.


  • The Year 6 Missioning at 11:00 in the hall.
  • School finishes at 12:00 so you will need to arrange to have your child collected then.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Weekly Notices, Week 8, Term 4, 2017

Room 16, Weekly Notices, Term 4, Week 8 (4th - 8th December 2017)

No sausage sizzle on the last 2 Fridays of the year - finished for the year.

The whole Middle School (rooms 12, 14, 15, 16 & 17) are having an end of year picnic on Wednesday. Children to bring a plate of food to share. Children to also bring their togs, towel and a water gun if they have one. Parents are welcome to join us - picnic will start at 1.15pm on the field.
Wear mufti!!-apologies for late addition!


On Thursday we will have the poetry recital finals for the Middle School - Team Kahikatea. The children will be reading their poems in class early this week and a lucky few will go through to the finals. The children have not had long to learn them this year but it is good they get a little practice reading in front of an audience, with some expression.

We are looking for help from parents for the school’s tryathlon on Thursday 14th December. All children will be involved. Lets us know please.

The Young Vinnies are collecting for the foodbank. We will donate the goods at our Mass on Friday. Children will get House Points.

The building programme is in full swing and the concrete foundations for the new block will hopefully be completed before Christmas. Please help us by reminding children to stay away from the construction area and its many hazards. The main back driveway gate can no longer be used to enter the school, only the small side gate and through the astroturf.

Ruma Weta has been given a stack of stars or Christmas tree cutouts for children to write a prayer to Jesus on. They have been hung on the Christmas Tree in the foyer.

A reminder that children are writing letters to Santa and can even finish these at home. The children who write will get a reply from him. The red Santa letterboxes are in the student foyer.

The Christmas Parade was a great success on Saturday. We had a huge number of children who joined in the fun. It is a huge undertaking preparing for the day and I want to thank Michelle for running around collecting bales of hay, organising the building of the stable, picking up the palms, making another star for the stable and coming in on Saturday to help prepare the float for the parade and the dismantling of it. Thanks to Tom too. Thanks to Mary who stencilled and painted the Christmas designs on the hessian which went around the truck. Thanks also to Bernie who coordinated the costumes on the day and accompanied the float. And of course Shannelle who popped on her wedding dress and was on the float supervising children, dressed as an angel. THANK YOU  ALL FOR THE WORK YOU DID OVER THE WEEK.

Next Week - St Mary’s Christmas on the Field!Merry Christmas! Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
To get into the spirit of Christmas we are going to have a school edition of Christmas in the Park.
This will take place on Monday 11th December (week 9) during the middle block. Each syndicate is going to prepare two or three Christmas songs to perform
We will finish the show/concert with the whole school singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Book Character Week
Teachers love books!!!



Saturday, 25 November 2017

Weekly Notices, Week 7, Term 4, 2017

Room 16, Weekly Notices, Term 4, Week 7 (26th - 30th November 2017)

Today a few from the guitar group played for us!


Monday is a Teacher Only Day-NO school

( see you on Tuesday!)

Monday 27 November is a Teacher Only Day. There will be NO school for our children. If you need care for your children on Monday you can contact Mary-Ann Rolling on 347 0709 or 0211 215599

You made St Mary's proud!

Heat-It is getting very hot from now on. Remind your child to apply sunscreen every day and to have lots of water at school. We have sunscreen at school they can re-apply at lunchtime. 

ADVENT LITURGY is Tuesday-Ruma Weta will be hosting it with Room 15.
Advent is the preparation time before Christ's coming!

ADVENT VIDEO-watch with your child.

Week 7 is book week. We have a lot of exciting activities planned for this week. We have spot prizes to give away also.

Christmas Parade Saturday 2 December 2017
Dear Parents/Caregivers,
Christmas Parade – 2 December
The Christmas Parade is only a week away and here are some details for you. This year St Mary’s and St Michael’s are sharing the float. It will be great to have a Catholic presence in the parade.
We will have a donkey with Mary on it leading our float, with Joseph, Wise Men and shepherds. It would be quite nice to have a drummer boy too. If you have an appropriate costume for any of these characters please email me
The rest of the children will be on the float which will be decorated as a stable. Children can come dressed as angels, shepherds and any clothes that might resemble people in Jesus’ era.
I will need a small group to help set up the float at school on Saturday. Once we are set up the float will be driven to Rangiuru Street and children can meet us there. I will also need people to help at the actual parade – six parents walking alongside the float and a few on board the float, dressed up of course.
The parade starts at 4.00pm so children need to be at the float by 3.15 pm. The parade will happen – wet or fine, but fortunately Saturday’s forecast is okay. Children will need lots of sunblock and a bottle of water. The parade itself should last under an hour, so children can be picked up on the Village Green from the float. All children will stay on the float until a parent collects them.
The Parade Committee is encouraging families to stay on after the parade for a family picnic. There will be an outdoor movie and other special things for children to do.
3.30pm Children need to be at the float on Rangiuru Street
3.45pm Our donkey arrives
4.00pm Parade starts
5.00pm Approximate finish for parade on Village Green.
5.15 pm Prizegiving
6.00pm Movie

Children in costume; angel, shepherd, wise man, sheep etc.
Water bottle, Sunscreen already applied on child.
Any spare costumes we might be able to borrow. Lots of ivy for the float.
If you need to contact me on Saturday my cellphone is 022 061 2071. I look forward to seeing you all.

Kind regards,

David Macmillan.
Please return to school office
My child/ren will be on the float. Name(s) of child/children : .....................................................................
My children will need some Jesus’ clothing
I can supply some appropriate clothing for children
I can assist at school setting up the float
I am available to walk alongside the float
I am available to be on float appropriately dressed
Name of Parent : ............................................................................ Phone Contact: .................................

Monday, 20 November 2017

Birthday's of missing children

Some children missed out on getting their photo taken for the blog because they were away or it was a weekend or holidays - so here some of the children who missed out, standing or kneeling, having their moment of glory.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Weekly Notices, Week 6, Term 4, 2017

Room 16, Weekly Notices, Term 4, Week 6 (20th - 24th November 2017)

Swimming we have swimming this week-please bring your togs.

To St Mary’s parents, caregivers and community,
Last year our church community supported ‘Angel Tree’ which is a branch of the ‘Prison Fellowship of New Zealand’ (PFNZ), a Christian charitable organisation that was founded over 40 years ago.  For  18 years PFNZ and angel tree have been making a difference at Christmas for children with a parent or grandparent in prison.  Last year nearly 4000 children benefitted nationwide, and our church community supported 42 of those children.  This year through our school community we are hoping to support 50 local Rotorua children.
This is how it works and how you can help.  By the end of this week a Christmas tree will be in the office foyer with 50 gift tags on it. On each tag is written a child’s name, age and a present suggestion from their caregivers.  Gifts are $25 each, please support angel tree by taking a tag and buying a present.  When you have bought the present bring it back to school UNWRAPPED and with the tag attached by Friday 8th December.
If you can’t get to the school office to pick up a tag, please text or phone me and a tag will be sent home in an envelope with your child. Angel tree would prefer that children didn’t select the tags to take them home.
Your support helps local Rotorua children receive a gift from their loved one at Christmas.
For any questions or to organise a tag to be sent home please phone Rachel Schuster on 0274461351
Thank you for your help and support,
The Rotorua Angel tree team

All the best to all of our Tamariki involved with this. They have been practising for a while now and they sound awesome. Thanks to Sylvia who has been coordinating the group.
Best of Luck to all our performers for Friday Night.
Ahurei Practices this week
Mon 9-10
Tues 9-10

Fri  - Meet in Room 3 at 12.30 pm with shoes on and lunchboxes.
We will travel by bus for our rehearsal at 12.50 pm and return to school by 2.15 pm.
Assembly will be at 9 am to accommodate those children from Rm 14 who are in both Assembly items and Ahurei.

Tickets for the Ahurei will be issued in named envelopes to classrooms on Wednesday.
We are certain all your practice will pay off and you will all shine!

Athletics Inter-School is Tuesday-Good Luck to Tilde and Zach for this!!
Also to all the St Mary’s team who go to represent our school.
Again we know you will do well-we will be thinking of you all.

We really loved the Pasifika Assembly on Friday. Thanks Mrs Wallbank. The children performed beautifully and I was very proud of them.

The building of our Middle School Block for next year starts this week. Our Kaumatua and Father Eamon blessed the building site on Friday. It went very smoothly. Thanks to Mrs Dunkley, our Ahurei group and the RE Leaders who were part of the group and sang beautifully. The builders are arriving this week and basically the area from the Ranolf St Entrance, back of offices between Rooms 8 & 9, back of Rooms 9 & 10, and in front of Room 8 & 9 will be fenced off. This will be the building site. Children in Room 9 will need to access their classroom through Room 10. There will be an access space for that to happen. The builders are planning on getting the foundation down for the space in front of Rooms 8 & 9 and behind Room 9. People who access the Ranolf Entrance will still be able to do this. They will be able to walk between the mesh fence that borders the astro turf and the Ranolf St fence. There is a gate half way along the fence line that leads onto the astrograss and people will be able to walk across the astro turf to the rest of the school.

Our annual thank you to our coaches.
Our coaches thank you is Thursday night at school. Again a huge thank you for all the support and help you do for our teams during the year.

Children will be invited to write to Santa Claus again this year and for those children they will get a reply from him. Santa’s letterboxes will be scattered around the school again.

The Young Vinnies are also coordinating a ‘can drive’ and the cans will be given to the Vinnies food bank. It would be great if you could advertise this too.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Mornings and other things

Hello Caregivers,

Yesterday Ruma Weta students have been told that..

For the remainder of this term..'students will not be allowed in the classroom before 8:30am'.

As a school this has been the preferred practice, however it has been up to teachers to allow students in before school if they choose.

Unfortunately some students are not treating the time in class before school respectfully (bey blades inside, running in the classroom, playing with furniture) so we have decided to cease this as an option.

Ruma Weta are expected to be in class and seated for prayer at 8:45am.

Please remind your child about this.

Furthermore if you have a query, question or comment about how and why we do what we do in Ruma Weta please do come and ask us about it. That way teachers can respond effectively from a teacher's perspective. Also if you have an incident that affects the teacher and/or your child and you want us to address it let us know as soon as possible. We cannot address what we don't know about. We have an open door policy as far as parents coming in to discuss things with us, though be aware that mornings are particularly busy and it's best to book an appointment first.

I hope this clarifies some things.


David Bach